Alfa Romeo Will Become 100% Electric

Alfa Romeo will become 100% electric in 2027 in Europe, North America and China, its parent company Stellantis announced on Tuesday. The Lancia brand, distributed elsewhere in the world, will also make the jump to a fully electric lineup starting in 2026. The third premium brand of the group, DS, will only launch electric vehicles starting in 2024, according to a statement made by the group during the presentation of the half-year results.

Photo: FCA

Stellantis, which was born in early 2021 from the merger of Peugeot-Citroën and Fiat-Chrysler is placing its premium brands at the forefront of its electric strategy to rival Jaguar, which is planning the big changeover for 2025 and Volvo for 2030.

CEO Carlos Tavares stated that the group intends to double the number of 100% electric cars in its various product lineups and brands within two years, going from 11 to 22 models.

Stellantis announced in July the construction of its third battery plant, in Italy, and the imminent conversion of its Ellesmere Port site in England into an electric car factory.

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