Lexus Releases LFA... Finally!

It’s been in the making since 2005, and has been cancelled, killed, rethought, and resurrected more times than can be counted.

And now it actually exists. Called the Lexus LFA, Toyota’s first foray into the supercar market since Carroll Shelby turned his own wrenches looks to be a pretty potent one. With a 552 horsepower V10 capable of 9,000 rpm mounted amidships and a sequential gearbox, the LFA has already produced some pretty impressive numbers: 0-62 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 202 miles per hour. However, both those numbers are overshadowed by this one: $375,000 US. With production limited to just 500 units, the most expensive Lexus ever will also be the first to compete with such names as Lamborghini and Ferrari.

And in that kind of company, a car’s looks count for nearly as much of its success as does its performance. And in that regard, the LFA is definitely unique. With no supercar heritage to draw upon, the LFA blends equal portions of head turning panache and familiar Lexus class. Outside, the car’s organic shape is highlighted by large, sweeping ductwork and vents while the inside is a tasty retreat trimmed in gorgeous carbon fibre weave, plush carpet, and sumptuous leather.

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