GM May be Planning a Wrangler-style SUV After All

Those who felt disappointed when the Chevrolet Blazer returned to the market as a sporty, urban-type SUV with limited off-road skills may just have to wait a bit longer.

As it turns out, General Motors could be preparing a brand new SUV to take on the leader in that field: the Jeep Wrangler.

Earlier this week, the team at GM Authority captured the automaker benchmarking the Wrangler at its Milford Proving Grounds in Michigan for what is believed to be the first time in the past decade. More specifically, two four-door Wrangler Unlimited models were spotted wearing numerous sensors and data-collecting devices.

Photo: William Clavey

This might just be wishful thinking, but it would make total sense for the GMC division to bolster its lineup with a dedicated 4x4 that could challenge not only the Wrangler but also the upcoming Ford Bronco.

For the record, the brand’s global director, Duncan Aldred, said a couple of years ago that there are no plans to compete with Jeep on that front. However, things have changed quite a bit in the industry and within the SUV segment in particular. Could the executives have changed their minds?

Of course, instead of being built on GM’s C1XX platform like the Blazer and the GMC Acadia, the new off-road SUV would have to use a body-on-frame construction underpinned by the upcoming VSS-T architecture.

What do you think? Is it finally time for GM to take a direct jab at the Wrangler?

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