Lance Stroll confirmed next season in F1

We knew it would happen for a few weeks now, but yesterday, November 3, the rumour was officially confirmed… Lance Stroll becomes the first Canadian since Jacques Villeneuve to reach the elite ranks of Formula One.

Stroll, born on October 29, 1998, is the son of wealthy businessman Lawrence Stroll, who owns the race circuit in Mont-Tremblant. Young Stroll started his career in karting at the age of nine and climbed the motorsports echelons (Formula 4 and Formula 3) up to becoming a test pilot for the Williams Formula 1 team. Next year, Lance Stroll, who perfectly speaks both English and French, will be the teammate of Valtteri Bottas.

To reach the F1 circuit, Stroll was able to rely on his father’s colossal fortune. However, money isn’t everything, and he wouldn’t have made it without talent. Bring on the next F1 season!

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