A Racing Series For The Tesla Model S

Electric GT, a small company specialized in electric vehicles, has large ambitions: they want to create their own EV racing series!

And as a first step, they just unveiled their first race car, a modified Tesla Model S.

By using a P85 as a base, the car has 681 horsepower on tap. The aerodynamics have been improved for track duty, with a large wing on the back of the sedan to improve high-speed stability. The front is also fitted with an air splitter and the fenders are wider so as to fit larger tires.

According to Electric GT, the first races will be held next year, and seven circuits will be visited during the season. For now, only 10 cars are entered, all of them Tesla Model S'. Eventually, more could be added.

Each race will include a 20-minute test session, followed by 30 minutes of qualifications. Then, the race will be 60 kilometres long, and every team will have to change drivers at least once.

Sounds promising!

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