Tesla Model S: 8.0 Software and P100D's Performance

Tesla recently released the most recent update for its operating system. The eighth version of the software that controls most of the car’s functions gets new upgrades and functionalities on the electric sedan.

We also got some information about the car’s most powerful version, the P100D.

First of all, let’s talk about Update 8.0. Now, the radar sensors at the front act pretty much like cameras, constantly scanning the road ahead to create a 3D image of what the car "sees." This helps the Autopilot system control the car, notably on the large interchangers in the United States. Also, if the driver takes his hands off the steering wheel and don’t listen to the computer’s warnings, the Autosteer function will deactivate itself.

The infotainment system gets some added features, and the voice recognition system is more precise than ever.

Finally, there is also a function that will make sure that the cockpit won’t overheat: if the inside temperature gets above 40 degrees Celsius, the A/C will automatically activate itself.

And now, the performance news: Dragtimes managed to get the most powerful Model S, the P100D, on a drag strip, and the results are impressive. The four-door electric car gets from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds and crosses the quarter mile in 10.78 seconds!

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