Millions of Toyota RAV4 Units Recalled

If you own a Toyota RAV4 that was built in the last 10 years, or if you frequently sit in the second row of one of these, you should pay attention to this: Toyota just announced they need to recall every single RAV4 built between 2006 and 2012. This represents 2.9 million vehicles throughout the world and 148,966 units in Canada.

In addition to the RAV4 and RAV4 EV, the Toyota Vanguard – sold in Japan– is also affected.

On certain vehicles, in the event of a severe frontal collision, there is a possibility that the webbing of the seat belt in both second-row outboard seating positions could contact a portion of the metal seat cushion frame, become cut, and separate. There is an obvious safety risk if this occurs.

Toyota will communicate with affected owners; the repair is quite simple. The manufacturer will install a plastic cover on the seat’s frame to prevent it from being cut.

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