Fisker Unveils The Rocket Speedster

How would you like a Ford Mustang with the specs and performance of an exotic supercar?

This is what Henrik Fisker is offering: Fisker's Rocket (built by Galpin Auto Sport) might be based on Ford’s Pony Car, it has been completely overhauled.

Every panel is made from carbon fibre (and designed by Mr. Fisker himself), the interior is crafted from the finest leathers and the 5-litre V8 that was judged adequate by Dearborn’s engineers has been heavily reworked and fitted with a supercharger to develop 725 horsepower.

At the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Fisker unveiled a new version of its extreme muscle car; by using a convertible instead of a coupe, it has created the Rocket Speedster.

The most obvious change is the roof: by using a long tonneau cover entirely made out of carbon fibre, the four-seater Mustang has been converted into a two-place roadster.

While Galpin Auto Sport and Fisker have yet to announce a production date or a price, we can reasonably expect that the car will be produced shortly in very few numbers; as for the price, a six-figure bill of sale will probably accompany each car.

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