Buick’s Encore Is More Popular Than Expected

Have you noticed how many Buick Encores are running around on the streets? Your eyes are not playing tricks on you; Buick’s smallest offering is incredibly popular across North America.

General Motors received a lot of flak for some past practices, but one thing’s certain: it knows when it has a winner on its hands. After a quick assessment of 2014’s sales numbers, a decision to increase production by 50% for North America was reached. Factories in Mexico, Korea and Spain will see their workforce increased in an effort to churn out more Encores.

The Buick Encore and its cousin the Chevrolet Trax are pretty much alone in their segment right now. With sales in Canada that jumped by 53% in the last year alone, it’s easy to see that this market will grow exponentially.

With the new Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-3 arriving in dealerships shortly, GM has its work cut out if it wants to maintain strong sales in this segment… And having a well-stocked inventory of available cars is a strategy that has worked well over the years for them.

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