Clothes That Matches Your Bugatti

You have probably asked yourself the question all of us have asked ourselves when sitting inside our cars: do my clothes go with my 92 Honda Civic (I personally recommend a flat-billed hat)?

Believe it or not, Bugatti owners also suffer from this problem! So in an effort to help their customers look their best when cruising in their multi-million dollar supercar, the manufacturer just launched a whole line of clothing matched to their Legendes de Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. Each set is available for both genders.

The Jean-Pierre Wimille edition features a bright blue leather jacket which goes really well with the car’s bodywork. The kit also features a t-shirt, blue leather gloves and a Bugatti belt buckle.

For the Ettore Bugatti version, the stylists chose a brown leather jacket made of the same material as the car’s interior. There is also a unique golden Bugatti belt buckle included in the deal.

The clothes associated with Black Bess are obviously black, and the men’s t-shirt features yellow lines, just like the car’s front fenders.

Each one of these clothing lines is unique, and you can admire them in the picture gallery. Take a special look at the female version of the Meo Costantini’s set, with its ‘’unique’’ straw hat, or the Rembrandt Bugatti line, with its galvanized accents.

Which one of these collections do you like most?

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