Update Required for Chrysler's 9-Speed Gearbox

Chrysler's latest gearbox has caused them a lot of trouble over the last year, from the delayed launch of the Jeep Cherokee to various bad reviews about the complex transmission. Now, the engineers may have found a way to fix it for good.

The manufacturer just issued a new software update for the transmission's computer. It will be applied to the Jeep Cherokee, since it is still plagued with shifting issues.

More than half of the bad reviews submitted to the NHTSA about the Jeep Cherokee concern the drivetrain, more precisely the gearbox.

It would seem that it still has problems shifting into 9th gear, and that it sometimes selects the wrong gear altogether. So far, only the Cherokee is equipped with this transmission, but since Chrysler will eventually use it for all their FWD vehicles, it is imperative that they fix this. The Chrysler 200 will also feature this drivetrain, and it is scheduled to arrive in dealerships in the coming months.

To correct the problem, technicians will install the new program into the computer, then go on a test-drive to allow the transmission to ''learn'' its new shift pattern.

It is important to note that this is not a recall, since the update is not mandatory. If you like the way your Cherokee shifts, you can keep it the way it is, as there is no risk of damage to your vehicle.

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