Obama's Limousine Consumes as Much Fuel as a Tank

The armored limousine of U.S. President Barack Obama, commonly known as The Beast, weighs 6.8 tons and consumes 63.5 L/100 km.

Its official name is the DTS Presidential Limousine and was developed by the research and development division of General Motors.

Its main characteristics include:

- Massive armoring that can repel all kinds of attacks;
- A fire protection system;
- A night vision camera.

The Presidential superlimousine can accommodate up to six passengers enjoys individual seating. For his part, the President is entitled to his chair and a multimedia console that enables him, among other things, to keep in touch with the White House during his outings.

This veritable safe on four wheels cost the modest sum of $ 1.5 million to American taxpayers.

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