Putin’s Limo Will Be Powered By A Porsche Engine

When the presidents of the United States, Italy and Germany have to get a new vehicle, they don’t have to look far, since their countries already build some amazing luxury vehicles: a Cadillac for Obama, a Maserati Quattroporte for Renzi and a Mercedes-Benz S-Class for Gauck… However, Russia’s president Vladimir Putin had a problem when the time came to modernize his fleet of vehicles: the Russian automotive industry is not exactly thriving, and most of their vehicles are actually rebadged international offerings.

To resolve this situation, the president sent a request for tender to every major Russian automaker: Russia needed three different vehicle types built in the Motherland (a limousine, a minivan and an SUV) that could transport the country’s officials. The designs have been officialized, but they still needed an engine.

According to some rumours, it seems that Porsche engineering has been contracted to supply the engine for Putin’s own limo. The German manufacturer is supposedly working on a twin-turbo V12 mill with a displacement between 6 and 6.6 litres that should produce around 800 horsepower.

Even with all that power, don’t think that this limo will be capable of unbelievable performance: even though Cadillac One (the US president’s ride of choice) may have over 760 pound-feet of torque, it still takes it about 15 seconds to hit 100 km/h… and it won’t go any faster. This is caused by its massive weight, which comes from the fact it’s about as bulletproof as a bunker.

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