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Test Drive: 2015 Honda Fit
Despite added competition in recent years, the Honda Fit remains one of the roomiest, most practical subcompact cars on the road. With its spacious cabin and—gasp!—commendable continuously variable transmission, the Fit looks to get ahead of the pack in its third generation. This segment originally appeared on Episode 9 of …
Video Reviews
Review: 2015 Honda Fit
Honda is betting the redesigned 2015 Fit, the third generation of the tiny wagon, will be enough to propel it to the front of the compact pack. How will it do? Check out Brad Diamond's review for more. This segment originally appeared on Episode 2 of Motoring 2015.
Video Reviews
2015 Honda Fit
On the road, Honda's sub-compact feels more tame: less sporty and more comfortable, it still remains fun to drive. The CVT transmission is also interesting; it doesn't compromise acceleration too much, and is more fuel-efficient than the manual. More on …
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