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Toyota Mirai

Price $54,350
Fuel consumption N/A
The Car Guide rating 63%(view ratings)
The second generation of the Mirai fuel cell sedan looks nothing like the first. You could almost say it’s a fancy Camry—one with rear-wheel drive. The Mirai converts hydrogen into electricity to enable zero-emission driving. Filling the tank takes about five minutes, but there’s only a handful of stations in B.C. and just one in Quebec. That’s it. Leasing is not an option, here. No wonder this vehicle is mostly found in government-operated fleets.

Tests and Features

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Test Drives2017 Toyota Mirai at AJAC EcoRun
According to Toyota, like some other automakers, we must consider hydrogen as one of the energy sources of the future. Being the first to sell a fuel cell vehicle in the United States, which the consumer can actually purchase and not lease, unlike the Honda FCV Clarity and the Hyundai …


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Hydrogen-powered fuel cellHydrogen-Powered Cars Are Coming to Alberta
Fuel cell vehicles can be found in places like California, B.C. and Quebec, but soon Alberta will join the list thanks to a partnership between Toyota Canada and Edmonton International Airport (YEG). A hundred Toyota Mirai sedans will make up the first fleet of hydrogen-powered, zero-emission vehicles in the province, …
RacingA Hydrogen-Powered Toyota Mirai In WRC?
Toyota has once again shown its excitement for the brand's upcoming return to WRC rallying. The last time Toyota competed in the highest level of rallying was back in 1999. The manufacturer has a rich history with rallying; you only have to think back to the Celica GT-Four, which won …


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Motoring TV
AJAC EcoRun, who's the greenest?
Every year the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada holds the EcoRun event. The point of EcoRun is to highlight technologies that are available to the general public to save fuel. The group of vehicles included SUV's, pickup trucks and even a 911. (This segment originally appeared in Motoring TV 2016 …
Motoring TV
Toyota unveils hydrogen-powered Mirai sedan
Toyota recently launched its hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai sedan, and it’s proving to be a popular if not intriguing option for environmentally conscious drivers. Our friend Andrew McCredie, senior editor with Postmedia Driving, took some time to describe his early experience with the Mirai ahead of its North …