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Lotus Elise

Price $54,985
Fuel consumption 8.7 – 11.8 L/100km
The Car Guide rating 52%(view ratings)
For those who enjoy a sporty driving experience while maintaining a good sense of control, the Lotus Elise remains a sensible choice. The absence of electronic assistance means this is an automobile that handles like a race car model. Certainly less interesting for daily use, the Elise is powered by a 190 horsepower 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine. It is its weight/power ratio that makes it an exciting car to drive.

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Test Drives2009 Lotus Elise: Radical and expensive...
But oh so much fun! In fact, there are very few cars at any price that can offer as powerful a ride and that’s the main reason for buying an Elise. You can forget about luxury or comfort. Z4, Boxster or Nissan Z buyers, basically you’re in the wrong place.


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NewsLotus Elise S Cup: From The Track To The Road
If you have ever driven a Lotus Elise, you know that the car has more in common with a racecar than a regular vehicle: it has rock-hard suspension, almost no sound deadening, the engine roars right behind your ears and you sit pretty much on the ground. The S is …
New ModelsLotus Sending of Last Elises, Exiges with Final Edition
It would appear that Lotus, in light of their new direction, have put their wildly popular Elise and Exige models on the chopping block. Small, lithe, and spartan, the two sports car singlehandedly brought the iconic British marquee back from the brink of dismal failure, but no longer fit alongside …
Geneva2011 Lotus Elise Inherits Evora Cues
For the first time in decades, Lotus has a complete lineup of automobiles. Since the Esprit departed, the brand had been relying on the Elise and Exige models to carry the torch until the Evora’s debut this year. And as is often the case, Lotus wants to unify their new …


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