Chevrolet Silverado EV

Price $65,000 – $130,000
Fuel consumption N/A
The Car Guide rating N/A
The launch of the Silverado EV is a long and slow process. What you need to know is that this electric pickup rides on GM’s Ultium architecture and uses a 200kWh battery. Output ranges from 510-754 horsepower, while maximum range is said to be anywhere between 563-724 km, making the Silverado EV quite appealing for a number of customers. The top-line RST model features a folding midgate allowing items up to 3.2 metres long to be fitted in the cargo bed.

Detailed ratings

The Car Guide rating N/A
Fuel economy N/A
Reliability N/A
Safety N/A
Infotainment N/A
Driving N/A
Overall N/A

What's new in 2024

New model.


  • Range… on paper
  • Towing capacity
  • High Level of technology (RST)


  • Crazy RST price
  • Range to check when towing
  • Lack of information