Campagna Motors

Campagna Motors V13R

Price $53,999
Fuel consumption 7.8 L/100km
The Car Guide rating N/A

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ElectricCampagna Motors Announces Fully Electric T-Rex
Campagna Motors announces the development of an all-electric T-REX® Prototype. Previously establishing successful partnerships with BMW and Harley-Davidson to source powerplants for the T-REX and V13R respectfully, this undertaking consisted of integrating Zero Motorcycles' powertrain technology into the chassis of the legendary T-REX® for an even more dynamic and unique …


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Campagna T-Rex 16S vs V13R
The V13R and T-Rex 16S have two distinct personalities and will appeal to different clienteles. Campagna Motors serves up to unusually interesting and well-designed vehicles—but with a starting price of $53,999, they won’t fit all budgets!