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CESAudi AI:ME Concept Showcases Intelligent, Customized Mobility
Back in 2011, Audi was the first car company to unveil new technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show (now simply called CES) in Las Vegas. Since then, the German brand has always had a strong presence at the event, which has become a must-stop for automakers and parts suppliers alike.
Geneva2019 Geneva Auto Show: World Premiere of Audi Q4 e-tron Concept
GENEVA (Switzerland) – At the 2019 Geneva Auto Show , Audi unveiled the new, fully electric Q4 e-tron Concept at a stand where only electrified vehicles are on display. This experimental zero-emission, all-wheel-drive SUV is based on Volkswagen’s MEB architecture and the plan is to launch the production version toward …
NewsAn Audi Supercar Stars in Spies in Disguise
The German automaker has just unveiled its latest concept car, but we’ll likely never see it on the stage of an auto show. The Audi RSQ e-tron will rather make its debut in Spies in Disguise , an animated movie scheduled to be released in September 2019. Twentieth Century Fox’s …
NewsAudi Confirms e-tron GT for Production
Audi announced at its annual press conference this week that it will aim to bring the four-door e-tron GT to market in the next few years. The move comes as part of the automaker’s plan to make more electric vehicles. The four-door sedan was teased in a prototype sketch. From …
FrankfurtAudi Aicon: A Level 5 Autonomous Concept
FRANKFURT, Germany – Audi is all about autonomous driving at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show. They’ve unveiled the Aicon four-door concept car with a 2+2 configuration and level 5 autonomous driving capabilities. With level 5 autonomous driving, the vehicle has neither a steering wheel nor pedals, and the “driver” is …
DetroitAudi Q8 concept, a new rival to the BMW X6
Audi is starting 2017 in a big way by unveiling an all-new SUV at the Detroit Auto Show, the Audi Q8 concept, which will be the inspiration for a production Q8 in 2018. The Audi Q8 will blend the dynamic styling of a coupe with the versatility of an SUV.
DetroitAudi Unveils The h-tron quattro concept
Audi capitalized on the Detroit Auto Show to finally pull the veil off the h-tron quattro concept, a 100% electric SUV that runs on hydrogen. According to the manufacturer, not only does this model showcase major technological advancements in alternative drivetrains, it’s also a style study that foreshadows the future …


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Audi Q4 e-tron concept
Smaller than the e-tron quattro , the new Q4 e-tron Concept features a long wheelbase that maximizes interior room. In terms of size, it stands at 4.59 metres long, 1.90 metres wide and 1.61 metres tall. During the press conference, Audi president and CEO Bram Schott announced that the Q4 …
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Audi unveils Prologue Concept
When Audi unveiled its Prologue Concept at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show it wasn't just showcasing a car—it was showcasing its design future. While the automaker is staying mum about whether this is a taste of what the new A9 will look like, it’s easy to hope based on …