Even Electric Hypercars Are Struggling to Sell Right Now

Slowing EV growth can be explained by a market that has run out of early adopters and the fact that these vehicles are still not affordable or convenient enough for most people. But even in the world of hypercars aimed at the one percent, customers are not rushing to go electric.

Yes, the Lotus Evija sold all of its 130 planned units, but that was four years ago, just before the pandemic. The Rimac Nevera, a 1,888-horsepower Croatian missile that initially made its debut in June 2021 and also aimed for very limited production, has a much tougher time.

Despite the many different speed records it broke during the past year, only 50 of the planned 150 units have so far been sold, company founder and CEO Mate Rimac confirmed this week at a conference in London.

Photo: Dominic Boucher

The €2 million asking price shouldn’t be a problem. After all, we’re used to seeing exotic cars fill their order banks in little time. So, what’s wrong?

According to Mate Rimac, the Nevera’s tepid success can primarily be attributed to buyers wanting the experience and thrills of a more traditional, gas-burning sports car. Then he offered another explanation.

“We started to develop Nevera in 2016-2017 when electric was cool. [But now] we notice that as electrification is becoming mainstream, people at the top end of the sector want to differentiate themselves,” Rimac said as quoted by British website Autocar.

Photo: Rimac

To drive his point home, Rimac gave the example of high-luxury analog watches that sell for far more than smart watches.

“An Apple Watch can do everything better. It can do 1,000 more things, it’s a lot more precise, it can measure your heart rate. But nobody would pay $200,000 for an Apple Watch,” he correctly pointed out.

As a result, the small but wealthy Croatian manufacturer doesn’t plan to launch a second model, instead leveraging its technological expertise—particularly in batteries—by teaming up with others. Last month, Rimac signed a deal to supply battery packs for BMW’s next-generation electric vehicles.

What’s more, Bugatti Rimac recently announced that the Chiron successor will not be a full EV. Rather, it will feature a naturally aspirated V16 engine with electric assist. A reveal is set to take place in June.

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