Nissan, Mitsubishi to Partner on Future Pickup That Could Be All-Electric

All signs point to an electric Nissan pickup hitting the market before the end of the decade, but it will be developed with the help of Mitsubishi rather than Fisker as previously believed.

The two Japanese automakers have confirmed in the past few days that they will add to their partnership by working on a next-generation truck to be built in Mexico. Fully electric and plug-in hybrid variants are considered.

According to Automotive News, the Nissan model will serve as a replacement for the Frontier, despite the latter getting a complete redesign for 2022. Mitsubishi’s product will fulfill the wish of consumers and dealers in North America that have long asked for a pickup similar to the Triton sold overseas.

Nissan and Mitsubishi have been partners through an alliance with Renault since 2016.

Before their joint pickup project comes to life, Nissan will turn to Mitsubishi to launch its first-ever plug-in hybrid in North America by 2027, as CEO Makoto Uchida recently announced with the new “The Arc” three-year business plan. Look for a vehicle that features the same technology as the Outlander PHEV—more likely the Rogue since these two are built on the same platform.

Meanwhile, Mitsubishi will leverage Nissan’s EV technology—as found in the Ariya crossover—to launch its first all-electric vehicle on our continent since the discontinuation of the i-MiEV city car. Production will take place at one of Nissan’s U.S. plants. That model is also slated to arrive by 2027.

Watch: Nissan Frontier Overview

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