Ken Block Stars in “Electrikhana TWO” Nearly a Year After His Death

Rally champ and drift master Ken Block had one more surprise in store for us. A sequel to last year’s Electrikhana hit the web today, eleven months after the tragic snowmobiling accident that cost him his life.

No, the immensely skilled and ballsy 55-year-old driver has not come back from the dead. Shooting for Electrikhana TWO: One More Playground actually took place in November 2022.

While the original video starred Block in the streets of Las Vegas (and is said to have required over 100 tire changes), the action moved to Mexico for the second installment. Once again, the contradiction of an electric, zero-emission performance car burning massive amounts of rubber and leaving clouds of smoke in its wake is in full display.

We can see Block play around a number of landmarks including Plaza de Toros, Museo Soumaya and the Benito Juarez International Airport. The manoeuvres and the resulting shots are spectacular and striking. And what about the compilation of memorable moments at the end of the clip? We almost shed a tear.

Interestingly, in preparation for Electrikhana TWO, Block and Audi made several modifications to his S1 e-tron quattro a.k.a. “Hoonitron,” most notably the addition of simulated gear shifts with paddles on the steering wheel. This allowed Block to manage power from the electric motors more easily and more effectively.  

Clearly, Block’s final video does not disappoint. It’s sad that he’s no longer around, plotting another encore. At least it’s good to know that his buddy Travis Pastrana will continue the Gymkhana series and that his daughter Lia is well on her way to filling her dad’s shoes, even contemplating open-wheel racing.

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