Watch: Tesla Cybertruck vs. GMC Hummer EV, Which One’s the Fastest?

Tesla has finally delivered a first batch of Cybertrucks and simultaneously confirmed the production model’s specifications and performance figures.

During a special delivery event held by the company at its Austin, Texas headquarters last Thursday, CEO Elon Musk bragged about the tri-motor variant—nicknamed “Cyberbeast”—being able to out-race a Porsche 911 even while pulling a trailer with another 911 on it, as shown in a video prepared by Tesla.

Of course, this was nothing more than a stunt designed to make the Cybertruck look good. How does it fare against similar competition? To find out, the team at carwow held a drag race with a GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 and posted the results in the YouTube video below:

The Cybertruck’s comfortable lead at the finish line isn’t really surprising. Despite generating less power (845 hp vs. 1,000 hp), it proves much lighter than the Hummer EV (6,850 lbs vs. 9,063 lbs). Its quarter mile time of 11.2 seconds was quicker by eight tenths of a second.

Another test with five people inside the Tesla pickup failed to produce a different outcome, although the extra weight added three tenths of a second to its time.

Now that we know which one is the better sprinter, what about real truck work? No need to wait for more videos: the Cybertruck boasts a payload of 2,500 lbs and can tow up to 11,000 lbs, officially, while the Hummer EV is limited to 1,300 lbs and 7,500 lbs, respectively. As for off-road capability, well, that would be a lot more interesting to watch.

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