Next-Gen Jeep Compass to be Built in Ontario

A majority (60 percent) of Canadian union members at Stellantis yesterday agreed to ratify the new three-year collective agreement with the automaker that was first announced on October 30. The deal includes substantial increases in wages and benefits, accelerated progression timeline and improved job security. 

“The Canadian workforce plays a key role in the Stellantis global ‘Dare Forward’ strategic plan as we make the transition to electrification, so it was especially important for us to reach an agreement that secures the future of the Company for our employees, their families and our customers," said Mark Stewart, COO Stellantis North America.

The ratified agreement also contains product allocation information that will add capacity to the Windsor, Brampton and Etobicoke plants, along with an anticipated return of a third shift at both vehicle assembly plants. 

Canadian-Made Jeeps Are Coming

In Brampton, which is on the receiving end of a $1.32 billion investment, Stellantis has confirmed that the plant will build the next-generation Jeep Compass using the STLA Medium platform, marking a first for Jeep in Canada.

Photo: Germain Goyer

North American units of the small crossover are currently manufactured in Toluca, Mexico. The model is entering the eighth year of its second generation.

As Stellantis prepares to retool the Brampton plant to produce both ICE-powered and battery-electric vehicles (work is scheduled to be completed in late 2025), it’s expected that the future Compass will be electrified. We should see it on the road sometime in 2026.

Dodge Stays

With the elimination of the current-gen Dodge Charger and Challenger, both of which are built in Brampton, many feared that their successors would find a home in the U.S. As it turns out, they’ll simply move to Windsor.

In addition to the continued production of the Chrysler Pacifica (and Pacifica Hybrid), the Windsor plant will be tasked with assembling the next generation of Dodge muscle cars using the STLA Large platform. These will be electric models. Total investments in Windsor amount to $1.89 billion.

As for the future electric replacement for the Chrysler 300, Stellantis has yet to confirm production plans.

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