Chrysler Airflow is Dead, Brand Moving to New Name and Design for Future EV

The Chrysler Airflow concept, first shown at Las Vegas’ CES in January 2022 and updated for the New York Auto Show in April of that same year, is dead before it could fulfill its destiny as the brand’s first electric vehicle.

Chrysler CEO Christine Feuell, who took over in September 2021, is apparently not impressed enough.

In an interview with Motor Trend, Stellantis design chief Ralph Gilles said Feuell "wanted a statement that had literally zero to do with anything that you have seen today, even the Airflow concept car. It is evolving in a new direction." 

In fact, even the name will be dropped. “There is a group of people who love the Airflow name and just as many who beg us not to use it," Feuell said.

Photo: Chrysler

The original Airflow had a four-year run in the mid-1930s as an aerodynamically designed automobile.

A whole new concept is coming, and customer clinics held in Los Angeles last fall gave the automaker plenty of positive feedback. However, we won’t see the result until next year, it seems. Chrysler has provided no clues about how the vehicle will change from the Airflow concept, which you can find in the photo gallery at the top of the page.

In late April at a closed-door meeting in Las Vegas, Stellantis reportedly showed its dealers renderings of a Chrysler-branded electric sedan as a replacement for the 300, but that product may be further down the line.  

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