Chrysler Shows Cockpit of the Future at CES

Last year at CES, Chrysler unveiled the Airflow concept as a preview of its first-ever electric crossover set to launch around mid-decade. This week at the same event in Las Vegas, the company presented its vision of future vehicle cockpits.

The Chrysler Synthesis demonstrator is further away in time than the aforementioned Airflow, whose interior looked almost production-ready. The missing steering wheel and pedals are rather misleading as Chrysler says it’s designed for Level 3 autonomy.

The new cockpit fuses Stellantis’ STLA Smart Cockpit, STLA Brain and STLA AutoDrive technological platforms, the first of which will debut in North America with the Chrysler brand. More specifically, the STLA Brain electrical architecture works within the STLA Smart Cockpit infotainment system, integrating advanced technology through the sculpted black glass to provide 37.2 inches of infotainment for both front-row occupants.

Photo: Stellantis

The vehicle delivers a “welcome” via virtual personal assistant based on biometric recognition. It then synthesizes and syncs multiple aspects of the customer experience, including calendars and schedules, vehicle status info such as charge status, home smart tech features, weather updates and more to organize and map out an intelligent trip plan for the day. 

Next, Chill/Zen/Fun modes contribute to in-car fun and wellness experiences (meditation, karaoke, DJ game) while the vehicle is stationary or driving autonomously. The demonstrator at CES features the Synthesis Music Experience, which allows users to create and synthesize their own music.

Thanks to advanced AI technology, the vehicle and its virtual assistant can learn owner preferences over time, adapt to them and make personalized suggestions. Over-the-air (OTA) updates are performed automatically.

Photo: Stellantis

As for styling and layout, the Chrysler Synthesis is said to embody “Harmony in Motion.” The two-seater cockpit is inspired by the look and feel of the Airflow concept and represents Chrysler’s future design direction. Materials are sustainable, completely chrome-free and include premium features such as a pair of vegetable-tanned, suspended seats wrapped with an arctic upcycled soft trim embellished by a unique constellation-style perforation. Additional highlights include responsibly sourced, textile-infused walnut flooring. 

All of this is nice, but not coming to a Chrysler dealer near you anytime soon. Back to the Airflow, the company will likely provide more information about its upcoming electric crossover later in 2023, so keep in touch.

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