Sold-Out Mercedes-AMG ONE Debuts in Production Form

Remember the Mercedes-AMG ONE concept unveiled in 2017? Of course you do. Well, the production model has finally arrived.

Only 275 units of the German hypercar will be built, all of which are already spoken for. Pricing before tax is a whopping 2,275,000 million euros.

A Road-Going F1

“The team at AMG and the [AMG] High Performance Powertrain Formula 1 arm came to us about four years ago and said ‘we’ve got a great idea, let’s put a Formula 1 engine into a road car’. I will have to go back to check the meeting minutes, but I’m sure we were drunk when we said yes,” Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius joked a short while ago, as quoted by British website Autocar.

Yep, what sounded like a pretty simple idea at first turned out to be a massive challenge for the automaker and its engineers. The hardest thing was to ensure environmental compliance so customers could legally drive their Mercedes-AMG ONE anywhere on the planet.

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Hybrid Powertrain

The Mercedes-AMG ONE is powered by a uniquely tuned version of the turbocharged and hybridized 1.6-litre V6 that has helped Mercedes win several Formula One championships since 2014. Unlike an actual F1 car that can rev up to 15,000 rpm, however, the ONE is maxed at 11,000 rpm.

Two of the four electric motors included in the car drive the front wheels, a third is directly connected to the engine’s crankcase, and the fourth is integrated to the turbocharger. This effectively gives the Mercedes-AMG ONE an all-wheel drive configuration.

As for the interior, it’s pretty much a cross between an F1 and a production Mercedes-Benz.

Photo: Mercedes-Benz
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