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Three Reasons Why a Car's Trunk is Better than an SUV's

Fewer consumers are opting for traditional sedans. Conventional cars now account for just under 20% of new vehicle sales in this country, and there's no sign that this trend will stop. All those trucks and SUVs that people are snapping up will end up on the used car market sooner or later.

If you're hesitating between a used car and a used SUV, you may be more likely to choose the latter if your needs are primarily practical (space, cargo, versatility, ruggedness, etc.). But there are several reasons why you should consider a sedan with a conventional trunk. Here are three of them.

1. Protection wall

Imagine a commercial airliner without a separate cargo hold. That's how it is in an SUV. Unless you install a mesh partition, there's nothing separating the passenger compartment from the cargo area. In many SUVs, the trunk is shorter than in a car, so you have to load things vertically. And that can become dangerous for passengers, but also compromise the rear visibility.

In a sedan, the rear seatbacks create a real barrier between passengers and cargo. It's impossible for the latter to become projectiles.

Photo: Guillaume Rivard

2. Keeping Things Quiet

This separation brings another advantage: silence and tranquility. If you have noisy items clunking around back there, the car's trunk will muffle the noise, making your commute more pleasant.

The same goes for the various noises coming from the rear wheels or from the surroundings.

Photo: Guillaume Rivard

3. Away From Prying Eyes

Some SUVs have tinted windows; most don't. Leaving items in the back seat, especially exposed, is a cautionary tale - even more so if we're talking about valuable items. Even luggage cover can be a sign to thieves that there's something interesting under there.

A good old-fashioned trunk doesn't give anything away. You could be transporting the Mona Lisa, and no one would notice!

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