Nova Scotia Announces EV Incentives up to $3,000

As part of its commitment to the environment and fighting climate change, the Government of Nova Scotia is investing $9.5 million in incentives to help drivers across the province buy electric vehicles.

“We’re putting a new focus on climate change in Nova Scotia. I’m delighted to get to work on these important initiatives, which will help Nova Scotians and our environment,” said Environment and Climate Change Minister Keith Irving.

The aforementioned incentives will come in the form of a rebate program for new and used electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and e-bikes.

Rebates will be $3,000 per new vehicle (similar to what British Columbia offers) and $2,000 for used vehicles, with $500 for e-bikes. This will be in addition to the $5,000 federal rebate available for new electric vehicles since May 2019.

There are nearly 500 electric vehicles registered in Nova Scotia at the moment and more than 100 charging stations across the province.

Prince Edward Island Makes Similar Announcement

Beginning this spring, consumers in Prince Edward Island will also get EV incentives. Whether they purchase a new or used model, they will be eligible to a rebate of $5,000 plus a free level 2 (240V) home charging station.

Furthermore, the province will allocate $2,500 for the purchase of a qualifying plug-in hybrid vehicle. 

According to a study quoted by CBC, just 0.4 percent of all vehicles in Atlantic Canada are electric at the moment.

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