Never-seen Old Ford Bronco Pics With Santa Claus Get Re-created

One of the most important vehicle reveals of 2020 was unquestionably the all-new Ford Bronco. This modern interpretation of the classic 4x4 is generating so much attention and excitement that some customers who have already pre-ordered a copy won’t be able to take delivery before 2022.

Searching for more ways to show how cool the Bronco is, Ford sifted through its archives to hopefully unearth a few secrets. This is one.

Ford Heritage Brand Manager Ted Ryan stumbled upon some pictures of the first-generation Bronco that have remained unpublished for 52 years.

Photo: Ford

Dating back to November 4, 1968, they show Santa Claus on top of a Bronco inside the automaker’s cold-chamber testing laboratories. The idea was to prove the legendary off-roader could help with toy distribution for children all around the world, regardless of terrain conditions or temperatures.

Apparently, these photos were supposed to be published in Ford World, an internal bi-weekly journal featuring stories about company products and employees. They never were.

Photo: Ford

Ford isn’t just showing them now; it also recreated the scene by using a two-door 2021 Bronco Outer Banks equipped with the Sasquatch package, a front brush guard and modular front bumper. Under the thick layer of ice is a Race Red body that makes it a perfect weather-be-damned sleigh for Santa Claus.

Watch: 2021 Ford Bronco loves to play

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