COVID-19: Nürburgring to Welcome Back Fans and Tourists This Week

The recovery from COVID-19 will be a long, gradual process, but we’re big believers in the notion that every little win counts. As Europe works to return to normal, Germany’s legendary Nürburgring, which suspended all activities last month like many other non-essential businesses, will reopen on Thursday.

Site officials have announced new health guidelines that will allow enthusiasts and tourists to buy some lap time again.

For example, the parking lot near the tourist entrance will remain closed in order to prevent people from gathering. And naturally, tickets will only be sold online instead of at the door.

Photo: Frank Ratering

Once on the track, people will not be allowed to exit their vehicles under any circumstances—unless there’s an accident, we assume, or someone needs to go to the restroom, in which case there will be a specially designated and disinfected area located near the track's entrance.

Meanwhile, Nürburgring employees have received specific training on COVID-19. They will all be equipped with masks and disposable gloves.

If you want to know what the “Green Hell” looks like, we invite you to watch this video with The Car Guide’s Gabriel Gélinas in a pre-production Audi RS Q8. And let’s hope that Canadian race tracks will reopen soon, as well.

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