This Nissan LEAF is a Rolling Christmas Tree

Do we need to remind you what a bad year Nissan has had? Fraud scandals involving some of its top officials, freefalling profits, 10,000 jobs to be cut around the world, cars being dropped from the lineup.

In the U.S., Nissan will even suspend operations for two days in January (and no one will be paid) and significantly reduce employees’ expense accounts in the latest attempt to save money.

Over here, the situation doesn’t appear to be as dire. “There is no (cost-saving) plan in motion for Canada. It’s business as usual,” a Nissan Canada PR manager told The Car Guide.

Perhaps in a secret effort to boost morale as the holiday season approaches, the automaker has unveiled a special and festive Nissan LEAF fully decked out in Christmas lights powered by the car’s energy recuperation system (a.k.a. regenerative braking).

The latter kicks in when you release the throttle, via Nissan’s e-Pedal technology, or when you depress the conventional brake pedal.

Photo: Nissan

Did you know the average Nissan LEAF driver regenerates 744 kWh of energy if they drive 18,000 kilometres a year? That’s enough energy to power up:

  • 266 Christmas trees with 700 incandescent lights for a full hour;
  • 297 ovens for one hour to cook Christmas dinners;
  • 744 televisions for five hours to watch holiday movies;
  • 10,783 houses with 1,000 LED lights for five hours.

Learn more about the e-Pedal technology and regenerative braking.

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