Kia Stinger GTS Debuts with New AWD System and Drift Mode

In addition to the spicy-hot HabaNiro concept, Kia made sure to turn heads at the 2019 New York Auto Show with the launch of the special-edition Stinger GTS.

Albert Biermann, Kia’s head of research and development, saw a tiny gap to exploit between the AWD-equipped and RWD-equipped Stinger GT models, so he and his team worked on a new version of the Stinger’s all-wheel-drive system peppered with rear-wheel drive DNA.

Dubbed “Dynamic All-Wheel Drive” (D-AWD), the system incorporates a mechanical limited-slip rear differential to enhance traction and distribute power more evenly between the rear wheels when slip is detected. Drivers have three different modes to choose from: Comfort (up to 60 percent of the available power is sent to the rear), Sport (80 percent) and Drift (100 percent). The latter also holds gears without upshifting.

Photo: Kia

Note that the Stinger GTS is available with standard RWD, too. As for the twin-turbo 3.3-litre V6 under the hood, it continues to deliver 365 horsepower and 376 pound-feet of torque in the limited edition.

Impossible to Miss

Aside from the trick D-AWD system, the Kia Stinger GTS stands out with a number of sport-inspired styling elements including genuine carbon fibre parts (on the grille, mirror caps and side vents) and a splashy new orange paint that draws even more attention. In the rear, there’s a GTS badge along with a centre-mounted Stinger emblem replacing the Kia logo on the trunk lid.

Photo: Kia

The interior adds Alcantara on the steering wheel and centre console, plus a suede-like material called Chamude on the headliner. Also, you can take a break from listening to the engine with the 720-watt Harman/Kardon premium audio system.

The Kia Stinger GTS is scheduled to enter production this spring. Canadian availability has yet to be confirmed. However, Kia Canada has announced a new Stinger 20th Anniversary model limited to 150 units and priced at $51,495, featuring a unique combination of a Phantom Grey exterior and Red Nappa leather interior.

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