The Car Guide Nominates its Best Buys of 2019

This week, The Car Guide team will be in Toronto, to hand over its 2019 Best Buy Awards, a traditional ceremony year after year.

Underlining New Categories

With the arrival of new automotive segments, such as subcompact SUVs and subcompact luxury sedans, for example, The Car Guide had to modify its categories in order to better determine the Best Buy awards.

Furthermore, with electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles being more and more prominent within the automotive spectrum, our evaluation mechanism had to be overhauled in order to consider these cars and trucks among the potential winners. And because new driving aid technologies and constantly evolving infotainment systems now play a big role in the decision process of consumers, we have also given them more importance during our voting process.

The award ceremony will also underline the 2019 Car of the Year, SUV of the Year, Design of the Year and Technology of the Year awards.

As you undoubtedly know by now, these prizes aren’t decided randomly. For each category, points are given according to specific and strict criteria. Each vehicle is evaluated according its respective segment, and it all ends in a bloody arm wrestling match between our journalists!

We’re kidding. But yes, a final discussion comprised of verbal exchanges and a voting process counts as an important evaluation method, allowing our team to properly discern the best vehicles of the year in the most objective way possible. And thanks to the arrival of new journalists this year, such as Antoine Joubert, Frédéric Mercier and Germain Goyer, each bringing to the table fresh perspectives, our team has never been so focused at properly informing consumers about one of the most important purchases of their lives, the automobile.

Stay tuned for our official prize ceremony, live from Toronto on Thursday, November 15th 2018.

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