The 2010 Toyota Sequoia: new 4.6L engine boosts power and saves fuel

Canadians who require the power and performance of a full-size SUV to carry people and haul gear can now enjoy more power and fuel-efficiency with the new 4.6L engine of the 2010 Toyota Sequoia. The Sequoia SR5 4.6L, features a 4.6L i-FORCE V8 and six-speed automatic with TOW/HAUL mode. This combination delivers more peak horsepower (310 vs. 276), more peak torque (327 lb-ft vs. 313 lb-ft) and improved fuel efficiency (combined city/highway of 13.8 L / 100 km vs. 14.4 L / 100 KM) than the 4.7L engine/five-speed automatic transmission fitted to similar 2009 models.

The addition of standard safety equipment and audio features such as front knee airbags and integrated XM Satellite Radio make the Sequoia a safe, powerful, efficient and comfortable ride for the long road ahead.            

The 2010 Toyota Sequoia full-size SUV is now on sale across Canada, with a manufacturer's suggested retail price starting at $48,320.

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