First Look at the 2017 Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery, known here as the LR4, is pretty much an anachronism in today’s world. It might have received a new engine in 2014, but the architecture harkens back to 2004. While the manufacturer has a tendency of stretching out the generations of their vehicles, this one was long overdue for a makeover.

Land Rover just announced that the next iteration of the Discovery will be shown before the start of the Paris Auto Show on September 28. We also received a teaser shot, which gives us the opportunity to meet the newcomer.

Styling is clearly inspired by Land Rover’s new vehicles such as the Discovery Sport and the Evoque. The small, flattened headlights are located high up in the fascia and the bumper is rounded on both ends. Overall, it’s a pretty far cry from the LR4.

While we don’t see the sides and back of the SUV, we know the Discovery will be a full-size SUV capable of seating seven people. It should slot in size between the Discovery Sport and the Range Rover Sport.

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