Mountune Spices Up The Ford Focus RS

The new super-Focus has barely made it into buyers’ hands that some are already wishing it had more than 350 horsepower. To help those people, Mountune is ready to add some juice into the compact.

Mountune has been preparing high-performance parts for some time now: they specialize in European Fords, and their upgrades for the Fiesta and Focus ST are pretty popular overseas.

With the help of Ford performance, Mountune developed two optimization packages: the first is named Phase One and adds an intake as well as a short-throw shift kit and more rigid engine mounts.

Phase Two (which needs the Phase One kit to be already installed) gets an even less restrictive air filter, a few parts which helps feed more air into the engine as well as a new software for the ECU. According to Mountune, this Phase Two kit helps the Focus RS produce 370 horsepower and 376 pound-feet of torque.

In the United States, these kits are offered by Ford dealerships and won’t mess with the manufacturer’s warranty.

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