PSA Group Will Be Back In North America!

The PSA group will once again try to gain a foothold on the North-American market as early as 2017. This statement has been made by Carlos Tavares, Chairman of PSA’s Managing Board during a press conference highlighting the company’s future in 2021.

But you won’t see Peugeots, Citroens or DS on the road next year. However, they could be here in around 10 years if PSA’s next two years are positive. The brand will start by implanting a mobility programme –pretty much a car rental service-. «This will be a way to understand the market, the regulation and the heartbeat of this new market» said Carlos Tavares. After that, PSA may bring some of their cars here for rental, and eventually sells them directly to customers.

PSA knows that they won’t be a global brand as long as they won’t come back in North America. M. Tavares thinks that this market could be really profitable for its company.

Peugeot left our shores in 1990 and Citroen hasn’t been selling cars here since 1973. A rumour saying that DS (PSA’s luxury brand) could also arrive in North America.

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