Cadillac Crystal White Frost: A Pair Of Frozen Cadillacs

Cadillac’s CTS-V and ATS-V have surprised more than a few people; both models proved not only that the brand could produce a credible sports car, but also that it could provide a valid alternative to Germany's sports sedans.

If you want a more unique Cadillac V, the manufacturer will offer only 99 units of the Crystal White Frost models, which will feature a bunch of exclusive stuff, most notably a matte white paint job.

For the ATS-V, there will only be 39 coupes and 31 sedans built. They will feature unique wheels, a carbon fibre front splitter, black side skirts and a body-coloured spoiler. You also get the most advanced CUE system, HID headlights, a foldable rear bench seat and a 110-volt power supply.

The CTS-V will get the same cosmetic upgrades, but replaces the wheels with 19-inch models and adds the tri-zone climate control system, heated rear seats and an electric sunshade for the rear window. According to the press release, owners will be able to specify additional options for both vehicles, like Recaro seats, a moonroof and painted brake calipers.

According to the manufacturer the ATS-V Crystal White Frost coupe will sell for $71,640 -$73,660, while the CTS-V Crystal White Frost will set you back $94,990. We are awaiting confirmation by the manufacturer to see if these cars will be sold on our side of the border.

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