A $900 Million Fine For GM

It seems that GM's ignition switch woes aren't over. After careful evaluation of the case by the New York Attorney General, GM has been fined $900,000 USD.

In addition, the manufacturer has been forced to help the American government organize an independent entity that will ensure that in the future problems related to recalls will be treated more efficiently.

In exchange, the US government won't sue the manufacturer, and will ensure that civilians won't be able to do so (on this matter, at least) for the next 3 years. Additionally, if GM plays nice and fulfills their end of the contract, the pending court cases might be lifted (although the fine won't be).

In a press release, GM's CEO Mary Barra apologized once again to the public, stating that GM will now do everything in its power to make sure that the errors of its past won't happen happen.

It is also important to note that those who were involved in a crash that was caused by an ignition defect will soon be compensated by a $600 million USD fund.

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