Mercedes-Maybach Pullman: Mine Is Longer

In some situations, having a large car is a problem: they are hard to park, don't fit everywhere and drink copious amounts of fuel. If you own a large and very profitable business, you can solve all these problem by buying a Mercedes-Maybach and employing a full-time driver. But what happens it that's what all your friends already have? You can't be driven around in the same vehicle as everybody else!

The solution is simple. Mercedes-Maybach just unveiled the Pullman, a stretched version of the best car on the planet. With the Pullman, you will be assured of having the longest... limo.

Starting at $500,000, the Pullman differs from the plebeian Maybach thanks to its central section, which is 1 metre longer. This add-on boosts the car's wheelbase to 4,418 mm, or about 40 cm longer than a full-size RAM 2500 Mega Cab. The very long list of equipment from the Maybach carries over, and there are a few extras, like a privacy curtain, an 18.4-inch screen and the Burmester sound system as standard equipment. Rear passengers can see how fast the vehicle is running with a set of gauges in the headliner, and the concept of a limousine's partition has been modernized; by pressing a button, the passenger can change the opacity of the glass for private meetings.

The engine chosen to propel the Pullman is, of course, the Mercedes-Benz 6-litre V12, putting out 530 horsepower. Clients that choose to order one right now will be able to take delivery of their cars sometime in 2016.

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