NHTSA Investigating 07-08 Camry Hybrid in the U.S. for Possible Recall

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating complaints about the brake system used by the Toyota Camry hybrid, which could be faulty. The investigation covers about 30,000 vehicles from 2007 and 2008.

The agency says 59 complaints related to a defect with assisted braking and adds that the problem can occur without warning. The loss of assisted braking extends the braking distance of the vehicle in addition to forcing the driver to apply more pressure on the brake pedal.

Two accidents related to this issue have been reported but with no injuries. The U.S. agency said 24 incidents occurred at about 64 km/h.

A Camry owner had told the agency last June, the brake warning light illuminated on the dashboard and the vehicle's brakes were sputtered while a pedestrian was crossing the street. The driver in question was able to avoid the pedestrian. The car was then sent to a dealer, who did not immediately detect anything wrong. A problem with the vehicle's computer that controls the brakes finally manifested itself after further testing.

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