Lotus Evora

Price $135,840 – $137,840
Fuel consumption 7.1 – 14.1 L/100km
The Car Guide rating 72%(view ratings)
Scheduled to arrive since 2016, this is finally the year that the new Evora 400 lands in Canada. The Evora 400 is essentially a revamped Evora S. The 3.5L V6 is provided by Toyota and produces 400 horsepower. In a car that weighs barely 1400 kilograms, that’s promising! A six-speed manual or automatic gearbox sends power to the rear wheels. More dynamic versions—the 410 and GT430—are available in the United States, but for the moment, there’s no confirmation that they’ll be available in Canada as well.

Detailed ratings

The Car Guide rating 72%
Fuel economy 6/10
Reliability N/A
Safety 6/10
Infotainment 5/10
Driving 8/10
Overall 7/10

What's new in 2018



  • Distinguished and unique style
  • Exclusivity guaranteed
  • Surprisingly luxurious cabin
  • Top-notch performance and handling
  • Sublime steering


  • Terrifying purchase and maintenance costs
  • No many dealerships around (just one in Quebec)
  • No foot rest
  • Rotten rear visibility
  • Disappointing engine sound (Evora S)