GMC Hummer EV

Price $105,000 – $157,598
Fuel consumption N/A
The Car Guide rating 65%(view ratings)
Even in a time of energy savings and electrification, many North American drivers remain fond of big trucks and SUVs. That’s why General Motors brought back the Hummer… as a fully electric vehicle. A hefty pickup weighing more than four tons, it boasts a 246.8kWh battery and electric motors generating up to 1,000 horsepower. Maximum range is estimated at 505 km. Don’t miss the Hummer EV’s Crab Walk feature allowing diagonal moves.

Detailed ratings

Global rating
The Car Guide rating 65%
Fuel economy 2/10
Reliability N/A
Safety N/A
Infotainment 8/10
Driving 6/10
Overall 7/10
Full-size pickup trucks
The Car Guide rating N/A
Fuel economy N/A
Reliability N/A
Safety N/A
Infotainment N/A
Driving N/A
Overall N/A

What's new in 2024

SUV version launched at the start of 2023.


  • Performance beyond expectations
  • Impressive city maneuverability
  • Lots of technology for the price


  • Unnecessarily excessive energy consumption
  • Noisy interior
  • Rear cargo set too high (SUV)