This Electromodded DeLorean is Ready to Go Back to the Future

Conversions of current or vintage cars into electric cars a.k.a. electromods are increasingly popular and more sophisticated. Even the world-famous DMC DeLorean is part of the movement.

The one we want to talk to you about today is a creation of Electrogenic, a U.K.-based company that normally works on European classics but decided to make an exception by taking on the automotive icon from the Back to the Future movie trilogy. Any DeLorean owner can have their car transformed, or they can order the conversion kit, have it shipped to their home and do the work themselves.

Instead of the meager 2.8-litre Peugeot/Renault/Volvo V6 that produces 130 horsepower, you’ll find an electric motor that reportedly generates 215 horsepower and cuts 0-100 km/h acceleration times in half, from about 10 seconds down to 5 seconds.

Photo: Electrogenic

A 42kWh battery is mounted where the fuel tank used to be, and Electrogenic claims it provides around 240 km of range—matching a base Nissan LEAF. A CCS fast charging port is also included.

Furthermore, various drive modes can be activated to either maximize performance or preserve battery capacity. A small digital display is added to the instrument panel to keep track of everything.

Photo: Electrogenic

Electrogenic also offers a number of parts and accessories to further customize the car. Our favourite is arguably a replica of the flux capacitor that allowed Doc Brown’s own DeLorean from Back to the Future to travel through time. Seriously, that's pretty cool.

Don’t miss our photo gallery at the top of the page for more pictures of Electrogenic’s conversion. And then go back and watch that other electric DeLorean drifting for science.

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