29 Percent of EV Owners Want to Go Back to Gas, New Study Finds

A recent J.D. Power survey revealed that only 11 percent of Canadian drivers are “very likely” to consider an electric vehicle for their next purchase which, incredibly, is less than half of the 24 percent of U.S. shoppers. However, it appears that many EV owners south of the border would like to change their mind.

According to McKinsey, over 40 percent of them are likely to buy a car with a combustion engine for their next purchase. That’s huge.

A similar observation can be made outside of the U.S., mind you. The study has found that 29 percent of EV owners across the globe are likely to reverse course, with charging concerns and difficulties topping the list of reasons. Just 9 percent of global respondents say the public-charging infrastructure is sufficient for their needs.

Photo: Electrify Canada

Gas for Life?

Another eye-popping stat is this one: 21 percent of respondents worldwide do not want to ever switch to an EV, a third of them primarily motivated by charging concerns.

When it comes to range, the minimum expectations for today’s EVs have grown to 469 km on average, up from 435 km in 2022.

High costs of ownership (purchase price, insurance, etc.) also remain a major obstacle to EV adoption. Ditto for the lack of available models, especially at lower price points.

McKinsey’s biennial survey is based on responses from more than 30,000 consumers in 15 countries that collectively account for over 80 percent of global vehicle sales volume.

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