FLO and Metro to Install Hundreds of New EV Chargers in Quebec, Ontario

Significantly expanding the charging infrastructure across the country is vital to mass adoption of electric vehicles and efforts must come from the public and private sectors alike.

Quebec-based company FLO, which currently operates more than 100,000 DC fast chargers and Level 2 AC chargers across North America, today announced a new partnership with Metro to provide fast charging at more than 130 Metro, Super C, Food Basics and Marché Adonis grocery store locations in Quebec and Ontario. 

More specifically, at least 500 fast charging ports are planned. Installation is scheduled to start in August.

Photo: FLO

The grocery stores will feature the new dual-port FLO Ultra fast charger.  With up to 320 kW of available power, these chargers can charge most new EVs to 80 percent in 15 minutes. They’re also capable of up to 500 kW when paired with a second FLO Ultra charger. 

“This partnership is about integrating the best EV charging experience into daily life and making it as routine as grocery shopping,” FLO President and CEO Louis Tremblay said. “Making public charging options widely available is key for Canada to achieve its environmental goals and transition to an emission-free transportation sector.” 

Photo: FLO

A considerable number of these new installations are financially supported by FLO’s partnership with the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB), which in April of last year committed $235 million to FLO bringing more than 1,900 public fast-charging ports online across Canada by 2027. 

“Grocery stores are essential for our daily necessities and thriving communities. By combining high-speed charging options for EV drivers in the places they frequent the most, we are moving closer to ending EV owners’ range anxiety,” CIB Chief Executive Officer Ehren Cory said.

Canada currently has approximately 28,000 public EV charging ports from coast to coast, but according to the federal government, more than 455,000 will be needed by 2035, which is the year when sales of new gas-only vehicles will be banned in Canada—barring further policy changes.

Photo: Ford
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