Kia Spotted Testing EV9-Like Electric Pickup in the U.S.

Kia is currently testing not one but two pickup prototypes on U.S. roads. One appears to be the new Tasman that will be sold in global markets outside of North America, while the other looks like an EV9 with a cargo bed in the back.

We’ll obviously focus on the latter, here. Remember, back in March 2022, Kia promised to launch 14 new EV models by 2027 including a pair of pickups. And one of them is going to find a home in the U.S. and Canada.

Despite the heavy camouflage, we can see that the headlights are identical to those on Kia’s three-row electric SUV, complete with orange side markers as required by North American laws. Red-painted tow hooks are built into the front end.

The fact that the vehicle’s front fascia is finished in blue while the rest of the body is mostly grey (with white mirror caps) confirms that we’re dealing with a test mule. What’s more, the taillights peaking through the camo armour seem to be similar to those of the Santa Cruz from parent company Hyundai.

The wheels come with a six-lug nut setup in typical pickup fashion and are different from the EV9’s aerodynamically designed alloys, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will carry over to the production model. As for the cargo bed, it looks to be at least 5 feet long, but check out how the rear overhang far exceeds the front overhang in the side shot below.

Photo: KindelAuto/YouTube

We believe Kia is preparing for an official debut sometime in 2025, with sales to begin in 2026. It would make sense for the electric truck to be manufactured alongside the EV9 in West Point, Georgia. However, Hyundai Motor Group has a giant EV factory under construction in Savannah, also in Georgia. It should come online in early 2025, the automaker confirmed several weeks ago.

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