All-New, Electric-Only MINI Aceman to Slot Between Cooper and Countryman

Following the debut of the next-generation Cooper and Countryman for the 2025 model year, MINI is now bridging the gap between the two by introducing the all-new Aceman in a world premiere at Auto China in Beijing.

To be clear, this vehicle comes exclusively with an electric powertrain and is roughly similar in size to the old Countryman. While aimed at several global markets, North America has yet to be confirmed.

“The MINI Aceman brings a new level of excitement to our all-electric lineup, packed with a truly enjoyable immersive digital experience,” MINI boss Stefanie Wurst said. “The MINI Aceman is perfect for navigating crowded city streets, while maintaining the versatility and functionality of a crossover and the go-kart feeling you can expect from a MINI. I am certain that the sleek design, performance and versatility as a 5-seater crossover will make the MINI Aceman a resounding success.”

Photo: MINI

Measuring 4.07 metres in length, 1.75 metres in width and 1.50 metres in height, the new MINI Aceman has five seats and 300 litres of trunk space, while numerous adjustment options enable this capacity to be extended to 1,005 litres.

Styling is unique to the Aceman. Compared with its two siblings, the headlights and taillights are different, but more importantly there’s extensive use of black plastic cladding on the lower body and wheel arches. Make no mistake: the Aceman is an urban vehicle at heart, although the roof rails up top hint at adventure. The sharp-looking wheels, meanwhile, range from 17-19 inches in size.

Photo: MINI

“Charismatic Simplicity”

Inside, under the panoramic glass roof, MINI’s new “Charismatic Simplicity” design language is expressed particularly clearly, too. It’s no surprise that the layout is nearly identical to that of the new Cooper and Countryman, with few physical controls and a 9-inch OLED round touchscreen taking centre stage. Customizable ambient lighting (through the so-called MINI Experience Modes) and unique materials and trim options make for a fun and dynamic-looking cabin.

With the latest operating system from MINI, all driving functions can be operated intuitively by touch or voice. The graphic presentation of the vehicle-related data is contemporary and minimalistic in style, with the speed and battery status shown prominently at the top of the display, directly in the driver’s field of vision.

Photo: MINI

Furthermore, the brand’s first fully fledged voice assistant can be activated in the Aceman by saying “Hey MINI.” Communication with this virtual travel partner—either a stylized MINI or an adorable bulldog named “Spike”—is said to be particularly fluent and intuitive thanks to improved speech recognition. 

Electric Only

As mentioned earlier, the MINI Aceman can’t be had with a gasoline engine. Globally, there will be two models available, E and SE, with power and torque rated at 181 hp/214 lb-ft and 215 hp/243 lb-ft, respectively. The latter is able to sprint from 0-100 km/h in 7.1 seconds.

Photo: MINI

With an energy content of 42.5 kWh, the battery of the Aceman E achieves a range of 310 km. The 54.2kWh pack in the Aceman SE, meanwhile, provides a range of 406 km. Both figures are based on the WLTP test cycle, so more like 240-300 km if we were to rely on North American standards. Either battery can be charged via alternating current with 11 kW. Fast charging using direct current is possible with 75 kW or 95 kW depending on the model, allowing the battery to go from 10-80 percent in just under 30 minutes, MINI claims.

So, now we wait for a confirmation about Canadian availability. If the MINI Aceman does come here, we expect it to be sold as a 2025 model early next year. Watch this space for more details.

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