Kia EV5 Looks Canadian-Bound as More Details Emerge

Kia’s first-ever EV Day in South Korea focused a lot on the third member of the company’s next-generation electric vehicle lineup, the EV5. This compact SUV with boxy styling was initially shown at a previous event in China back in August.

Riding on the same modular platform as the EV6 and EV9, not to mention the EV3 and EV4 concepts that were also revealed on Thursday, the EV5 is inspired by the three-row EV9 and sized like the gas-powered Sportage. Keep in mind we’re still talking about a concept at this stage, although the upcoming production model is expected to be pretty similar.

The two-tone interior of the EV5 comes with adjustable ambient lighting offering a selection of 64 colours. The layout is extremely similar to that of the EV9, with the dashboard capped by dual 12.3-inch displays mounted side by side.

Photo: Kia

Don’t bother with the front passenger’s seat bottom that extends over the centre console and makes it look like a bench. There’s no middle seatback or seat belt. Besides, Kia has confirmed only Chinese-spec EV5s will get this feature.

Not the Same Capabilities

Unlike the EV6 and EV9, the Kia EV5 uses a 400V architecture instead of an 800V version, thus significantly affecting fast charging capability. The exact number has yet to be announced, but a Kia official said it can charge at rates of “more than 150 kW” at a DC charger—well below the EV6’s 230 kW. Going from 30-80 percent will reportedly take 27 minutes. Of course, the more cost-effective system will help drive the price down.

Two battery packs will be offered, but they’re not the same in China (64 kWh and 88 kWh) than in South Korea (58 kWh and 81 kWh). Single-motor FWD variants will deliver 215 horsepower, while dual-motor AWD variants are projected to supply up to 308 horsepower. Range estimates land anywhere between 530-720 km, but this is based on the Chinese test cycle. A more realistic target for us would be about 350-470 km. And get this: a high-performance GT model is also planned.

Photo: Kia

Furthermore, the Kia EV5 will offer one-pedal driving and vehicle-to-load capability for powering small devices and appliances or even charging another EV. Naturally, it also comes with the brand’s latest advanced driver assistance systems including Highway Driving Assist and Remote Smart Parking Assist.

Is the EV5 Coming to Canada?

At EV Day, Kia president and CEO Ho Sung Song went on to say the EV5 would come to North America. However, customers in the U.S. can essentially forget about it since the EV5 won’t be built locally, making it ineligible to the federal tax credit and therefore too expensive.

That leaves Canada and/or Mexico. The Car Guide is still waiting for a confirmation from Kia Canada and will update this story as soon as we know more.

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